Oly Sport is bringing the entire horse racing industry into the metaverse with our race-to-earn and unique crypto economy.

Did you know that horse racing is the oldest spectacle sport, existing since the dawn of civilation? As technology evolves so does our way of interacting with the world and enjoying entertainment. Oly Sport will leverage the changing technology to revitalize the horseracing industry in three ways: Overcoming the aging consumer population by engaging millennial crypto investors; Disrupt laten corruption within the industry through an open system design using DAO structure backed by blockchain, smart contracts, and open sourced codes; and Thwarting animal cruelty with a revenue model that saves more horse lives the bigger our metaverse becomes!

Oly Sport is a game built for the people. Our vision is to unify the world through our metaverse. We aim to build a strong community of people from every country, ethnicity, religion, and economic standing. Our free-to-play (ā€œF2Pā€) and race-to-earn (ā€œR2Eā€) model and crypto design allows anyone to enjoy the game, regardless of how much money or time they invest.

In-game roles are not limited to owning and racing horses like other games. All aspects of horse racing are present in the game, from farming ginseng and herbs for horse vitamins, to running your own horse stable business to owning a racetrack business in the metaverse. These are all roles that need to be filled by players. We have created an entire ecosystem that is driven by the combined efforts of everyone in the game.

We wanted to make the game as close to real life as possible, with our NFT horses you can: Raise them from pony to adulthood and then to retirement, which includes putting them in a stable, giving them exercise, feeding them, grooming them, loving them, and so forth; Race, breed, and collect them; and Buy, sell, and trade them in our NFT Marketplace..

Owning NFT land is no exception to the realism of the gameplay. Land can be used for various purposes, including farming, building a stable to rent out to horse owners, and creating pastures. Each purpose for the land comes with the same level of necessary care as the real world equivalencies. Farm owners need people to tend the crops, and so forth.

The necessity for asset care, be it horse, land, or racecourse, gives rise to the possibility of in-game virtual employment. The ability to earn income through the game simply by spending time playing it is just one of the ways we have designed Oly Sport to benefit the world.

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