Oly Sport


Updated: November 30th
Q4, 2021
  • Private Sale of Oly Sport
  • IDO
  • Focus on user acquisition
  • Sell NFT Horse Tickets on some NFT platforms, which will be announced soon - Expected time: 4th week of November
  • Allow users to trade NFT Horses directly with each other on Marketplace - in December
  • Introduction of horse racing in the game - in December
  • Allow the community to join the testing phase of the Racing feature on Testnet - Expected time: End of December
Q1 - Q2
Q1- Q2
Q3 - Q4
Strategic partnership with renowned racecourses & champion racehorses
Partner with sport betting organization, open API
VR for races
Official game release
Promote huge tournaments and eSports races
Horse Care
Launch Oly TV: Application to track races and horses news
Improve UX and features
Horses' Aging Cycle
New listing on CEX & DEX
Mobile App launch
Testnet 2 Tournament
AR/VR in horse care
Horse Care Minigame
Launch Oly Land
Racecourse IGO
Launch Oly Bank
Genesis NFT Horse Sales
Integration of all services