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Horse Rental

One of the biggest barriers to joining Oly Sport Metaverse is that not everyone can afford to buy an NFT and our Rental Feature was created to solve that problem.
Horse Rental feature came along with "Game Guild" as guilds can bring a large playerbase into the game. They can rent horses and start racing-to-earn.
There are 2 ways for you to rent a horse: From other players through Rental Feature, or from Gaming Guild (you must be a member of that guild).
The rental period and revenue sharing can be set by Gaming Guild Masters (or horse owner), but it also can be dealt case by case by both parties until a mutual goal is reached.
How to lease a horse as a horse owner? Follow these steps:
  • Login to play.olysport.io and click on "Your Stable"
  • Click on the horse that your "client" wants to rent
  • Click "Put up for rent"
  • Fill in the information, including: Renter's email, Rental Period and Revenue Sharing Rate. Then click on "Confirm"
✅The horse will then be transferred to renter's stable and ready to race!