The racecourse is the place where official major races will be held. Racecourses have a high profit potential.

As mentioned before, owning virtual farms and racecourses provide passive income and the value of the assets are backed by real world land. Racecourses have one of the highest profit potential within the Oly Sport metaverse.

No player or investor needs to own the entire racecourse. In fact, you can simply become a shareholder of a racecourse and enjoy the passive ongoing profits with small investments.

Racecourse owners can organize the recruitment of race horses to participate in tournaments. Players who lend horses to the racecourse will be rewarded on a monthly basis, based on their horse's performance.

The executive representative (like the president of a sports club) will organize the tournaments and set the prize amounts and horse rental fees.

Additional racecourse features will be announced soon.

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