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The Advantages of NFT in gaming

The problems:

Our solutions:

Looming mass unemployment: Millions have lost their jobs due to COVID restructuring the economy. AI will soon replace most other occupations, people need alternatives to earn money and contribute value.

Play To Earn: Investors can earn an income by playing our game, owning NFT game assets that create passive income, and by engaging in DeFi mechanics such as staking, and lending tokens.

Broken economics system: Government corruption and bribes from corporate lobbyist.

Financial system does not support a digital and global world.

Billionaires double their wealth while small business owners and employees lose their jobs.

A Thriving Virtual Economy: A metaverse for all personalities and playstyles to earn, spend, and trade crypto assets and currencies while cutting out the financial intermediaries.

Barrier to buy real estate: Home ownership is no longer affordable for most people around the world. Real estate investment has high initial capital to enter. Many laws and taxes to restrict foreign real estate ownership.

Earn Real Land In The Metaverse: Players invest in fractional ownership of NFT land that is secured by real land value. By parcelling the land, ownership is more affordable.

Traditional horses and racecourses are expensive and are often owned by large organizations. A purebred horse in real life can cost you millions.

Oly Sport introduces the first Metaverse of its kind, which includes virtual land and racecourses. Virtual assets are available to anyone, and virtual land is backed by REAL ESTATE in real life, solidifying its intrinsic value. Oly Sport allows horse ownership for a fraction of the real world cost without removing the responsibility and potential for enjoyment, making horse ownership accessible to a much larger demographic.

Betting is not acceptable in many cultures and is illegal in many countries.

In order to make Oly Sport accessible all around the world, we will not be incorporating an internal gambling system within our metaverse. Instead, we are looking into allowing third-party sites to pay a subscription fee to get access to our APIs.

Slow and often unsafe transactions with high fees.

Oly Sport will facilitate fast transactions at low costs.

Lack of ownership and exclusiveness in the video game market.

Our genetic algorithm, RNG technology, and breeding mechanism take the race horse realism and uniqueness to the next level, while NFT protects your asset.

Other games are simple and predictable.

We provide a decentralized solution to ensure transparency, fairness, privacy, and safety.

Other economies are limited, which results in diluted profitability.

The game has a multitude of different ways for players to earn real profits, including racing, investing, trading horses, breeding horses, and more.

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