Oly Sport

NFT Horses

Every NFT Horse in the Oly Sport metaverse is completely unique, just like real horses.
You can obtain an Oly Sport NFT horse by buying it on a NFT Marketplace (Binance NFT) or through breeding.
Breeding happens in our in-game “stud farms”. The breeding mechanism is a sophisticated genetic algorithm that takes “genetic traits” (stats) from both the mother and father with the potential for random gene mutation which simulates natural darwinian selection. The ownership of the foal goes to the owner of the mother, while the owner of the father receives token income. It’s as realistic as it gets!
There are stats that have direct effects on your horse’s overall performance from on-track to off-track:
  • Speed, how fast your horse can run;
  • Stamina, the endurance of your horse; and
  • Recovery, how fast your horse can recover stamina.
The “ELO Rating” of a horse is another important stat, as it determines its racing competitors. Horses can only compete against other horses with similar ELO ratings.
Each NFT horse has its own DNA sequence, just like in real-life. In Oly Sport, the horses DNA profile is composed of 6 traits:
  • Bloodlines;
  • Genotypes;
  • Rarity;
  • Coat colour;
  • Genetic potential (“GP”) index; and
  • Generation.
Each one of our horses are unique and no-other exists with the exact same qualities.
Did you know that the Thoroughbred-racing industry sends an estimated 10,000 horses to slaughter annually? Oly Sport aims to enshrine real-life racehorses into our metaverse. We aim to promote retired racehorses in order to give them a second career after they’ve exhausted their real-life racing abilities. This will provide a financial incentive for horse owners and industry partners to keep their beloved steeds alive - even after real-world retirement.