🐴Horse Ability

Bloodline, Genotype, Rarity, and Generation are the 4 factors that make up a horse's ability. Ability is generated by 2 different calculations and depends on your horse:

  • Genesis horse ability calculation (Genesis breeds do not have parents)

  • Non-genesis horse ability calculation (calculated based on the ability of the parents)

The Genesis Ability of a horse is calculated by the specific combination of its DNA factors. Genesis Ability works in conjunction with bloodline, genotype, and breed type to make the horse's performance less predictable and more exciting.

For example, an O1 Elon Genesis horse will normally perform better on the track than an O2 Elon Genesis horse. But this does not guarantee an O1 Elon Genesis will always win against an O2 Elon Genesis.

Non-Genesis Ability is determined by the ability of the parents. Carefully selecting horses with high ability for breeding will result in a foal with a high ability rating.

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