Oly Sport

Why Oly Sport?

Top reasons why you should pick Oly Sport over the other NFT projects!
Imagine the future of horse racing through the lens of virtual reality. You put on your VR headset, open your eyes, and you see an entire new world in front of you.
You walk forward and arrive in Oly Sport’s Colosseum Entertainment Complex. You will see an open plaza, and at the centre, is the horse racing track where you can be a live audience or participate with your own horses in a race. You leave the track and decide to walk around the many corridors, what do you find?
  • A hall dedicated to corporate networking events and keynote speakers;
  • Rooms filled with poker tables, bingo, and other minigames that you can play in-between races;
  • A 3D cinema experience of horse riding experience through various natural terrains - be it through the tundras, deserts, arctic, or through Mars!;
  • Meditation chambers with interactive nature immersion and horse therapy experience; and
  • A massive arena dedicated to virtual celebrity concerts.
Perhaps you decide to leave the centre core and venture towards the outskirts of the colloseum. Here you find farm land owned by other players. The Oly Sport Metaverse is the first horse racing blockchain-based game in the world to have assets backed by real world land. While visiting the farms you can interact with your own horses or other players’. You can also buy food and accessories for your horses at local farmers markets that are organized by other players. You may even pass by the auction houses to acquire new steeds or land.
By owning virtual horse farms and racecourses, you own assets that give passive income. The value is protected by real world real estate which is expected to appreciate over time as it reflects the trend of the real world land value. If the in-game token price drops, the real world land value still has the potential to rise. If both go up, that means double the earning potential!
From the beginning, Oly Sport was built as an eSport. That means the game itself has a very stable structure, is extremely enjoyable, and has the longevity of the real life horse racing sport. But beyond eSport, we are also creating an utopian society within our metaverse that will accomplish three major things:
  • Allow players to race-to-earn for a living so investors can quit their daytime jobs to play in our metaverse full-time;
  • To build a thriving virtual economy and break down the wealth gap in our current broken economy; and
  • To remove barriers to real land ownership by being the first metaverse project to back virtual land with real land value, securing stability and ROI for our investors.