Profit From Breeding

For stallion owners:

Profit = Breeding Fee * XX%

Breeding Fee: The Fee that the mare owner needs to pay to pick your stallion as a mating partner (you can set this fee, but it has its limitation depending on the overall ability of the stallion)

XX%: The rate depends on how long you want to breed your horse. There are three available options:

  • 1 day: Stallion owner gets 47% of the breeding fee

  • 3 days: Stallion owners get 55% of the breeding fee

  • 7 days: Stallion owner gets 63% of the breeding fee

You might be wondering where the rest of the breeding fee is, then here is the answer: The system fee is consistently 8% of the breeding fee. The breeding fee will go to the prize pool funding tournaments shortly.

For mare owners:

Profit = Foal's value - Breeding Fee - Stud Fee

Stud/Listing Fee: Depends on how many days the stallion owner want to "list" the stallion in Stud for the mare owner to search for it:

  • 1 day: 10 $OLY

  • 3 days: 30 $OLY

  • 7 days: 60 $OLY

As we've already explained about Breeding Fee, Foal's value can vary depending on what you do with it. Selling it might be a good idea, especially when other players desperately need more horses. Otherwise, you can profit significantly from racing and breeding by keeping the foal and raising it till it becomes an adult horse.

In a particular case of owning BOTH mare and stallion, the breeding fee will be 65% of the standard breeding fee, which means you have to pay less to breed your horse(s). However, you still need to put your stallion in the Stud and pick it as a mating partner for your mare.

Remember that your horse must be at least "Adult" to be able to breed. So make sure you take care of it with all your heart.

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