Racing Classes

Racing Classes in Oly Sport are divided into eight (8) Classes as follows:


Class VII

From < 1100 to 1499

Class VI

From 1500 to 1999

Class V

From 2000 to 2499

Class IV

From 2500 to 2999

Class III

From 3000 to 3499

Class II

From 3500 to 4300+

Class I

Top 200 Racers in Class II

Unlock when there are more than 1000 Racers in Class II

Class S

Top 50 Racers in Class I

Unlock when there are more than 200 Racers in Class I

Each Class (from Class VII to Class II) is divided into 5 Tiers. For example: For class VII, Tier 5 are Racers with less than 1100 ELO, Tier 4 are Racers who have the ELO from 1100 to 1199. The ELO numbers for Tier 3 is from 1200 to 1299, Tier 2 is from 1300 to 1399, and Tier 1 is from 1400 to 1499.

In short, each Tier of the same Class (from Class VII to Class II) creates a division of 100 ELO points.

Another example, if your horse has 1099 ELO, it will be displayed as: "Class VII - 5"

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